Paul Breidenbach

Labor-Community Mobilization Coordinator

Paul works with the staff of the Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center (CIWC) on shared initiatives that benefit workers in greater Cincinnati. The CIWC empowers low-wage workers, often undocumented, who don’t have union protection. The center combats wage theft, encourages concerted action on the part of workers, and advocates policies that advance the cause of workers, such as vigorous enforcement of labor laws such as Cincinnati’s Wage Theft Ordinance, signed into law in 2015. It was drafted by the CIWC who also helped craft the implementation language. The CIWC partners with unions, especially the Building Trades, to enforce this and other local wage ordinances.

Through the CLC and CIWC, Paul works with the Coalition for Immigrant Dignity, which focuses on resisting the inhumane and anti-worker policies of the current administration. As a member of the Willows Work Group in Springdale Paul helps administer the Willows Education and Solidarity Center at the Willows of Springdale apartments, where workers, including union members, meet for training, English and other classes. He is available to local unions for Spanish interpreting and other uses union brothers and sisters may have for his time and talents.

Paul graduated from Wesleyan University with a B.A. and earned a Ph.D. in U.S. History from the University of California at San Diego. He’s inspired by labor history and happy to put some of his knowledge to use in the struggle for workers’ rights and social justice. For fun he plays guitar, sings, rides his bike and takes pictures of the beautiful environs of Cincinnati and the northern suburbs.