Julien Johnson

Julien Johnson  is the Ohio AFL-CIO  Southwest State Rep who works directly with the Cincinnati AFL-CIO, Dayton-Miami Valley AFL-CIO and, the Southwest ALF.  Julien fulfills multiple roles within the  two central labor councils  such as: Political Coordinator, MC3 Instructor, Organizer and Labor Council Liaison.  Julien has served in his role for 4 years and works with our affiliates on a regular basis. Feel to contact Julien with any questions!

The Ohio AFL-CIO was formed in 1958 to battle a right-to-work campaign backed by Ohio Republicans and big businesses. Since that merger of the state’s craft and industrial unions, the Ohio AFL-CIO has been at the forefront of struggles for political power and economic and social justice for working families. Our strength derives from 600,000 union men and women who are affiliated with the Ohio AFL-CIO through 40 international unions and 1,500 local unions. Along with hundreds of thousands of union retirees, they are the individuals who provide the collective power of the Ohio AFL-CIO.