Brian D. Griffin

Director of Communication

In his role as Director of Communication, Brian is responsible for managing and directing the organization’s internal and external communication, creating and executing the organizations’ communication strategies, and serving as a key spokesperson and media contact for the organization. 

He brings with him nearly 4 decades of experience in communication and marketing leadership roles in both for profit and non-profit business, spanning the gap from the manual typewriter to the most advanced digital communication platforms. He has an extensive background in Information Technology and visual and electronic communication (Film, Video, Digital Media and Live Events).

Brian is actively engaged with the Butler County Democratic Party and provides leadership for several social services organizations. Currently, he serves on the United Way of Greater Cincinnati (UWGC) Policy Cabinet and serves as Vice Chair for the Board of Directors for the Butler Philharmonic Orchestra.

Brian attended Ohio University where he received his BFA in Theatre and Vocal Performance in 1982 and then an interdisciplinary studies master’s degree in business & Journalism from the Graduate Studies Honors College in 1985. He is a professional vocalist and Music Minister in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. He lives in Fairfield, Ohio with his wife Susan, son Ben and daughter Brigid.

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