Salt in the wound

Some people say that Trump isn’t lifting a finger to help laid-off Ohio workers, but that’s not quite true — Trump is lifting exactly one finger, and he’s using it to tweet.

In the last few days, Trump has tweeted multiple times about Lordstown’s GM plant closing. But what did those tweets accomplish? Nothing. Not a single worker went back to their job and not a single family gained certainty about their next paycheck. But that’s part of the pattern with President Trump — insist that he can solve the problem, do nothing to solve it, then tweet about why someone else deserves the blame for his own failures.

Working families deserve better than Trump’s broken promises and empty tweets. And since the president won’t protect workers and their families, Congress must. Sign our petition and fight back.

Ohio’s laid-off workers have lost more than a paycheck, more than the health insurance their kids rely upon — they’ve also lost a piece of their identities and the sense of dignity that comes with a job well done.

Ohio families don’t have time to waste on a president who insists on rubbing salt into the wound, one tweet at a time. Sign my petition and stand up for the people Trump has forgotten.

With gratitude,



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