Approaching Retirement? Here’s A Medicare Checklist

Approaching Retirement? Here’s A Medicare Checklist

Whether you’re currently working or already retired, as you approach Medicare eligibility there is a lot to plan for. To help reduce the confusion and provide a clear path to a smooth transition, we’ve compiled a step-by-step checklist to walk you through the process.

12 Months Before Turning 65 and/or Medicare Eligibility

  • Learn the basics of Medicare. Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D, eligibility, enrollment and much more – there is a lot to know about Medicare. Understanding what all these things include and how they will work for your situation is a great place to start your Medicare journey.
  • Sign up for the RetireMEDiQ Program emails. Medicare’s details can trip the best of us up, often causing retirees to incur late enrollment penalties that stay with them for life and add unnecessary expense. Our personalized email newsletters ensure you never miss a deadline and are always informed and in control of your Medicare situation.
  • Attend a RetireMEDiQ educational meeting. Between Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplements and Part D Prescription Drug plans, many retirees are initially delighted to find out that they have so many plans to choose from. However, this can quickly become overwhelming once you begin digging deeper into the details. At a RetireMED®iQ educational meeting, led by one of our experts, you can learn about how these plans work as well as get answers to your questions.

6 Months Before Turning 65 and/or Medicare Eligibility

  • Schedule a pre-retirement counseling meeting with a RetireMED®iQ advisor. Because each individual’s Medicare situation is extremely unique, we recommend meeting with one of our licensed Benefit Advisors (in person or over the phone) six months before your transition to Medicare. This allows you to tell your advisor all about your situation (Social Security, which options may be right for you, your spouse’s situation, etc.) and begin outlining a game plan for you.

3 Months Before Turning 65 and/or Medicare Eligibility

  • Enroll in Medicare Part A and/or Part B. Depending on your situation, you may either be automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B three months before turning 65, or you may have to manually enroll. The good news is that, thanks to your six-month counseling meeting with a RetireMEDiQ Benefit Advisor, you will already know what you need to do.
  • Receive a personal plan recommendation from your RetireMEDiQ Benefit Advisor. After months of preparation and research, you’re finally ready to make the move to the Medicare plan that is right for you. Lucky for you, your Benefit Advisor does all the research and analysis for you and presents a plan recommendation tailored specifically to your needs, budget and lifestyle. All you have to do is choose.
  • Sign up for the Medicare plan of your choice. Not only does your Benefit Advisor provide a tailored plan recommendation just for you, your advisor also walks you through the entire enrollment process, helping you fill out your paperwork and filing it with your insurance company on your behalf.

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy Retirement

As you wait for your Medicare coverage to begin, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the transition, knowing you have all the details taken care of. What’s more, you can call RetireMEDiQ anytime you have questions about your plan or encounter issues.


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(Alisha Barger, is a Account Manager with RetireMEDiQ and works with many local employer groups to ensure their employees can retire confidently, knowing their Medicare plan is right for them. Alisha specializes in working with Union groups and has helped hundreds of local, retiring individuals with their Medicare insurance. She has her accident and health license in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Her goal is to keep you informed and to provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to make the most important decisions affecting your health plan coverage. If you have questions about retirement or finding the right Medicare plan for your specific needs—and budget, contact Alisha at )