We cannot begin Black History Month without honoring Tyre Nichols’ life while mourning that he was taken from his family and community too soon, like so many others before him.

Tyre Nichols was a beloved father, son and friend who was working to build a good life for himself and his family.

His story is part of Black history.

Black history is a story of struggle and resilience against a racist system that constantly dehumanizes and devalues the worth of Black lives.

This month—and always—we should take a truthful look at Black history and recognize everything this country has stolen from Black people.

Black history is also Black joy. It’s a celebration of culture and community. It’s coming together to fight for freedom and justice.

Black workers have always been a crucial part of the fight for justice in the labor movement: from helping to organize the meatpacking industry to the Pullman strike to the sanitation workers striking in Memphis.

Even now, workers of color are on the front lines, leading the most recent wave of organizing.

So this month, we celebrate great labor leaders like A. Philip RandolphHattie Canty and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who won historic victories for Black working people.

And we pledge to continue our fight against racism in the workplace, racism in society and the economic exploitation of Black people.

Will you do the same?

In Solidarity,